Understanding Educational Concerns

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3 Health & Safety Features to Look for in Your Child's Daycare

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When searching for the right daycare for your child, you want to find a daycare that will provide your child with the right health and safety support. You should specifically find out about the daycare’s ratios and supervision, CPR & first aid training, food and allergy management, and illness prevention policies. Read on to learn more. Feature #1: Ratios & Supervision In most states, there are specific teacher-to-child ratios a daycare center must follow. Read More»

4 Ways Preschool Can Help Parents

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Preschool is a good opportunity for your child to interact with other peers, make friends, and learn and grow before their school-age years. But, preschool can also be good for you as a parent. This gives you some assistance with child care and it can allow you to learn how to spend some time away from your child. There are also other ways that preschool can be good for parents, too. Read More»