Understanding Educational Concerns

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Why Retired Teachers Should Do Your Classroom Observations

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Setting up a classroom is a lot of responsibility, no matter what year of teaching you are in. Setting up a rubric, being in charge of methodology, and taking care of questions and answers in a satisfactory manner puts many teachers in a routine. Routines aid teachers in having proper classroom structure and time. When teachers settle into a routine it can be easier to get lessons plans done, but it can also mean that classroom time is being spent in the best ways. Read More»

Story Time: More Than Just Reading

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Most parents know that planning for their child’s education is important. In order to give a child every advantage when it comes to learning, many parents opt to enroll their children in preschool programs. Finding the right preschool program can be a challenge, but looking for a preschool that incorporates story time into its daily curriculum can greatly benefit your child. Here are three distinct advantages story time can provide for preschool children: Read More»

How Early Child Care Sets The Tone For Future Learning

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You may think that the goal in choosing an early child care center is simply to make sure your child is safe and happy during the day while you work or fulfill other obligations. While these are valuable goals, it’s also interesting to think about how the choice of an early child care center sets a child up for positive learning in the future.  It Makes Children Comfortable with Other Adults Read More»

Top Tips For Choosing An Aviation College

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Are you a big fan of airplanes? Is it your dream to be a pilot one day? Whether you want to learn to fly so that you can get a job in aviation or you simply want to learn how to fly for fun, learning how to fly can be an extremely rewarding experience. But in order to learn how to fly, you’ll need to decide where and how you want to learn. Read More»