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3 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Private High School For Your College-Bound Teenager

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If your teenager has decided they wish to attend college, you may decide to pull them out of the public school system and enroll them instead in a private school. However, you may not be sure how to begin the selection process. If so, use the three questions below to begin your information gathering when speaking with private high school representatives.

What Was The Average Of Their Most Recent Test Scores?

To gauge how much emphasis the school places on higher learning, ask about the averages of their most recent test scores. These could include state testing, ACT, and SAT scores, as well as any other college preparatory testing. At this point, you can ask to see a copy of the scores as well.

When looking over the averages, look at the percentile to see how the school stacks up to others in the state, as well as on the national level. For example, if the school rates in the top 25 percentile on the SAT test for college, they most likely teach the students subjects they need to know to do well on the tests and in higher learning institutions.

However, if the school ranks lower than 50, they may not be teaching the students what they need to know to go to the next level of learning. In this case, you may want to investigate other schools.

What Is The Teacher-To-Student Ratio?

Along with asking about the test scores, find out the ratio between teachers and students. When teachers have small classes, they are typically able to devote more time to each student. If the teen has trouble with one area of study, they can focus on them better than if they have larger class numbers that divide their attention.

On What Areas Does The School Focus?

Another thing you may want to ask the school's administrator is about the areas on which the school focuses. Some schools have a strong athletic program, while others put more attention on the academic status of the students.

If your teenager wants to go to college, you may want to select a school that focuses more on learning than sports. However, if they plan to go for an athletic scholarship, you may want to find a school that has a balance between both athletics and academics.

Using the above questions can help you get started when scoping out potential schools for your teenager. If you have any other questions or concerns, make sure you bring them up with the faculty at each private high school you speak with while making this important decision for your college-bound student. Check with places like International School of MN for more information.