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How Early Child Care Sets The Tone For Future Learning

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You may think that the goal in choosing an early child care center is simply to make sure your child is safe and happy during the day while you work or fulfill other obligations. While these are valuable goals, it's also interesting to think about how the choice of an early child care center sets a child up for positive learning in the future. 

It Makes Children Comfortable with Other Adults

For one, going to a great child care facility will help your child become comfortable with adults aside from their caretakers. With a well-trained staff, they will learn new sides of discipline and good behavior, while having their mistakes explained to them compassionately. They will learn how to better communicate their needs and make requests of adults other than their own parents. Teachers in the future will thank you for choosing a child care center with staff who are trained in early child development so that they can help your child become an effective communicator in the classroom.

Kids Get Used to Their Peers

For children that start to be around their peers in kindergarten for the first time, other students can be distracting and cause a child to fall behind in their learning. Having other children to interact with in a child care center is one of the biggest benefits, believe it or not. Children learn how to be cooperative with other children who will one day be their classmates. 

Children Are Introduced to New Stimuli

For small children, the act of discovering something new each day is an important way for them to expand their minds. In a child care center, the goal is for a child to learn and experience something new every day. With many new children, a new environment to explore and enriching activities planned by the child care center, this goal should be one that's easy to reach. 

Some Child Care Centers Actively Prepare Children

And let's not neglect the fact that many child care centers are explicit in their goals of preparing kids to enter kindergarten. There are a variety of pre kindergarten curricula that teach kids the skills they will build on in kindergarten. Learning numbers, letters, colors, and shapes before entering school is a task that isn't always easy, but it will set kids up for success when they get to the classroom. Hopefully, you can find a child care center that's enriching in these ways and more.