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Save Money On School Uniforms

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One of the biggest non-academic advantages of sending your children to a private school is you don't have to worry about going shopping for school clothes and trying to find appropriate things at a good price. But while uniforms are easier because the wardrobe is determined for you, they can still be an added expense. Here's how to shop for school uniforms and care for them to get your money's worth.

Shop The Uniform Exchange

Most schools have an annual exchange party where parents can bring their child's freshly laundered uniforms that they have outgrown and either trade or sell with other parents who may need the sizes you have to offer. There are also online companies that facilitate a uniform exchange. You can check to see if your school's uniforms are available there. Many times, private schools don't differ much in their uniform requirements.

Shop From Big Retailers

Big companies such as Walmart may not typically offer school uniforms in their brick and mortar stores, but they do offer them online. Other online retailers, such as Amazon, also have a school uniform section.

Buy In Bulk

Many times, the rush is on for school uniforms in late summer before the start of the school year. However, a few months later, many retailers have an overstock they want to get rid of, usually at a deep discount. This is the perfect opportunity to build your child a clothing capsule. This is purchasing the clothing they need and will need in the future all at once. This is especially useful if you have multiple children, as chances are you will be able to put it to use for one of them.

Use Hand-Me-Downs

As long as a uniform is in good shape, there's no reason multiple children can use the same uniforms. Many times, children grow so fast, they don't even have time to wear out their clothing. As one child outgrows their uniforms, make any needed repairs and pack it away for the next child to grow into.

Aim For Quality

Not all uniforms are created equally, even if they look identical. Buying quality pieces can save you money in the long run, especially if you have other children who will need them. Boys in particular can be rough on their clothing, and quality pieces can stand up to it.

Wash The Uniforms Properly

Take care of the uniforms, and they will last longer. Use gentle detergent with a color stay additive to prevent fading. Don't wash more than is necessary, and dry on the lowest heat or hang on the line to dry. This will also get you the best return on your investment if you use them for other children or sell through the exchange.